Just wanted to thank you for all your help. Kevin has accepted a scholarship to Elon University next year.  
I still remember the day we received the grant and decided to enroll Kevin in your program. My wife and I are both convinced without your help and the grant not only would Kevin not have this opportunity but he wouldn't have had the options your program gave him. I counted all the schools that contacted Kevin and it is 22 schools. (Also, thank the foundation for the grant it really helped.)
Once again, thanks for all your help, sound advise, just being there for us and making my son's dream of playing football a reality. I gave your name to a friend of ours who's son is a junior and is a very good basketball player. He said he'll call you today.
Thanks for all your help. Bill Webber - father

Bradley...my son received an offer last week from Syracuse University...he accepted.

thanks...Steve Ford - father

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Philip has heard from 22 college coaches this week. There are a few he is really interested in: Boston College, Duke, Vanderbilt and Cornell. The Villanova coach sent us a invite to visit the school. Can you please call these coaches and see where he is on their list.

Tom Genzale - father

My son just recieved an offer from Ohio Northern last night..thanks for all your help.

Maria Cortes - mother

exciting....through your program my son has heard from 17 coaches and received 2 offers.

Ken Graft - father

We enrolled our son in their recruiting service and we were very surprised how many coaches contacted us. The company did everything they promised and their service was exceptional. I would reocmmend them to anyone looking for help.

Mary Simpson - mother