Cannon Yates           WR/S       2018

1215 Crossgates Lane
San Jose, Ca.  95120
Phone: 510-719-3645
Birthday: 3-29-2000
Cellphone: 408-455-7812
Video tape: Yes

Leland High School
San Jose, Ca.  95120
League: Blossom Valley Athletic League, Santa Teresa Division 
Coach: Mike Ward 
Phone(C): (408) 535-6290

Year of Graduation: 2018
Overall GPA: 3.7
SAT: 1290  ACT: 29
Career Amb: Biology or chemistry field
Honors: Yes
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #

Height: 6'3" Weight: 165
Bench: 225   Squat: 380
Speed: 4.7/40
Add'l Sports: T&F

2-Years Varsity Football Team

2-Years Track & Field
Mount Hamilton Division League Champs in 4x400 relay
23.06 200 meter dash 

SCOUTING REPORT: Cannon is a 2018 graduate; he has a 3.7 GPA / 1290 SAT / 29 ACT; he plays both offense (WR) and defense (Safety); and he has been a starter on the varsity the past 2-years. Cannon is the consummate student-athlete who excels in the classroom and on the football field. He has a strong desire to play the game of football. Cannon is an intense competitor with a strong desire to win. He has a great sense of the game and is always around the football. Cannon is fearless and confident. He plays bigger and faster than he is and has good quickness and lateral movement. He has incredible change of direction, speed, and great hip movement that helps transition on defensive side of the ball. Cannon has very good vision and attacks the ball while in the air. Very good leaping ability with good timing on the ball. He runs a 4.7/40 and as he matures he should be able to get his speed down. Cannon has very good quickness; as a receiver he doesn’t shy away from contact; and he is very hard to bring down. He has a very sturdy frame in which to build upon. Cannon has great hands and has the ability to create separation from the defender. He is not timid about making plays across the middle. He has a great second gear that allows him to separate from defenders. Cannon is the type of player who has just touched the surface of his potential and will be an asset to any college program.