Richard Avii               DE         Class 2018     

6133 Malcolm Drive 
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Phone: 315-440-9755
Birthday: 6-1-2000
Cellphone: 315-440-9755
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

Bayonne High School
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Enrollment: 2500
League:  Hudson County
Coach: FredOwens
Phone: 201-644-1940 x 130

Year of Graduation: 2018
Overall GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1020        ACT: --
Career Amb: Undecided
Honors: No
Info Verified: Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #1705808633

Height: 6'2"  Weight: 275
Bench: 300   Squat: 450
Speed: 5.1/40
Add'l Sports: Basketball


2-Years Varsity Football Team
2016 Honorable Mentioned All League
Top 50 SDIP 2017


 Mathew is a 2018 graduate; he has a 3.3 GPA / 1020 SAT; he plays on both offensive line and defensive line (with center being his primary position); he has been on the vasrsity for the past 2-years; and was selected Honorable Mention All league last season. Mathew has the physical attributes (6'2/275); strength (bench 300/squat 450); intelligence (GPA 3.3); and football acumen to be a big-time player at the collegiate level. He is one of those rare players who understands the game and knows what other players are doing on each play. Mathew moves extremely well for his size; he has quick hands; and has great lower body strength. He has the ability to keep his body low and is able to get very good leverage on his opponent. Because of his size, Mathew also possesses great upper-body strength. Finally, Mathew is able to pull down the line of scrimmage to take on the linebacker with agility and strength. He is light on his feet. He is the type of player who will be an asset to any college program and has a great work ethic. We believe Mathew has all the skills and attributes to be a Division 1 player.