When your child is enrolled in our program this is what we do for the student-athlete:

1. The student-athlete completes the profile information worksheet

2. The student-athlete provides us with either his video tapes or finished highlight tape

3. We take all his information and build a mobile profile of the student-athlete:

personal info, high school, academic, physical attributes, athletic stats (etc.)

4. We take his video tapes (if they need to be edited we'll do the editing) or finished highlight tape and

create the mobile online video streaming link

5. We'll build for the student-athlete a 

personailzed mobile app

6. We'll build a list of college coaches to contact for the student-athlete based on his

GPA & Standardized score(s)
and geographic preference of the student-athlete and family

7. The student-athlete will select 1 to 6 regions (the more regions the greater the list of coaches)

8. We break the country into 6 regions for the family to select:

Northeast; Mid-Atlantic; South; Mid-West; Southwest; & West

9. The student-athlete & family will receive a finished draft of the

mobile online video streaming link to approve

10. The student-athlete and family will receive the list of college coaches

(typically 300-500 coaches - depending on how many regions the family selects)

11. Once everything is approved the company will start the marketing & texting process

12. We'll provide each coach through their smartphone

13. We now start the mobile app program ; we'll also call college coaches for the student-athlete

14. We'll update and resend the information as needed by the family

recruiting4 u  will assist the family in all areas of college recruiting