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By submitting this acceptance the student-athlete and family is enrolling into recruitingforu (hereafter known as “RFU”) college sports recruiting service. RFU agrees to market and promote the student-athlete to college coaches throughout the U.S.A. till student-athlete attends a four (4) year university or college. The student-athlete and family agree to pay the above fee and will never incur any other cost or fee by RFU. In accordance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, RFU in no way intends to, or constitutes any attempt to; place a student-athlete at any particular college. RFU’s fees are not based on placement nor on any scholarship or financial aid, if any, awarded to a prospective student-athlete. RFU will maintain an active file on the client available only to colleges and universities and will maintain the client’s information until the client notifies RFU of his or her commitment to a college or university or until the September following the client’s graduation from high school, whichever comes first. RFU’s services are intended to be offered only to student-athletes who have “reasonable expectations” to succeed in its program. Upon review of a potential client’s credentials, RFU reserves the right to exclude anyone who, in RFU’s opinion, may not fully benefit from its services. In the event that this occurs, RFU will not accept the student-athlete into its recruiting service. The prospect and his or her parent or legal guardian understands that if this Agreement is canceled within five (5) business days of accepting, they are entitled to a full refund from the RFU. (ALL CANCELATIONS must be sent  and dated by certified mail to RFU.) The purchaser may stop the service at a later date, but no refund will be issued. The student agrees to submit “Contact Reports” and “Season End Updates” to RFU in a timely fashion for the purpose of tracking the student-athlete’s progress and providing updated information to various colleges and universities. The student also agrees to contact RFU approximately once per month and to advise RFU immediately upon committing to college.

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