Step 1: ​   Application is submitted.

Step 2:   Receive an email within 24 hours or less on the  application. 

Step 3: You're given 4 days to decide if you want to accept and enroll in our mobile app / recruiting service.

Step 4:   If you accept, you can either go online or call us directly to accept and pay your portion of the fee.

Step 5:    After you have completed the acceptance form we will email you the Welcome Letter and Video Tape instructions.

Step 6:​   You will then complete the profile worksheet, you'll provide us with the highlight tape, game tapes or raw footage and we will create the highlight tape, the online video link and mobile app.

Step 7:   We'll email you the draft and mobile app for your final approval. 

Step 8:  You will recieve a list of the college coaches we'll contact for your child..

Step 9:  Any time you need to update the mobile app just email the information and we'll get it out to coaches within 24 hrs. or less.

Step 10: It is critcial you communicate with us as to your child's results.