Derrius Franklin        S/WR/KR        Class 2018

7913 Harwood Rd Apt 91A
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone: 817-323-9177
Birthday: 09/02/1999
Cellphone: 682-804-4628
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

North Richland Hills, TX 76180
League: 8-5A
Coach: Lon Holbrook
Phone(C): 817-705-7661

Year of Graduation: 2018
Overall GPA: 3.0
SAT: ---    ACT: 
Class Rank: N/A
Career Amb: Business/Agriculture
Clearing Elig. pin #1611646604

Height: 6'0"       Weight: 165
Bench: 250         Squat: 350
Speed: 4.58/40
Add'l Sports: Track

2-Years Varsity Football Team

Senior Team Captain
SR year Stats:
55 Tackles, 4 INT, 9 PBU,
Caused 1 fumble, Recovered 2, 4 TFL Blocked 3 extra points & 1 FG
6 punt returns for 94 yards, Ave 15.7 yd., Longest was 36 2 kick-off returns for 30 yards
JR year Stats:
62 Tackles, Ave. 6.2 per game 1 INT,
7 PBU Caused 4 fumbles, Recovered 2,

SCOUTING REPORT: Derrius is a 2018 graduate; he has a 3.0 GPA; he plays S/WR/KR; he has been on the varsity football team for 2-years. Last season he was selected a team captain. Derrius brings many of the attributes needed to compete at the next level: intelligence; terrific work ethic; tremendous passion for the game; speed 4.58/40; discipline; and strong football skills. He is the consummate student-athlete who excels in the classroom (3.0 GPA), and on the football field. He is a legitimate safety that has natural ability. He is a solid 6'0" 165 and getting stronger. Derrius has a nose for the football, gives solid run support, and is an aggressive sure tackler. Pass defending he closes well from his safety position, can back pedal, turns to the ball well and can play press coverage. Derrius has a good awareness of what it takes to be successful. He has great vision and understanding of the field that is above his years. He is willing to leave everything on the field and learn from mistakes. True leadership is something that you can't teach and this player has it! He will be an asset to any college program. This young man is an athlete that college coaches will want to get into their program; he will be an asset to any college coach.