Shazeb Dayani         OF/INF/P        2019

1775 York Ave. 
New York, NY 10128
Phone: 214-516-3380
Birthday: 06/16/2000
Single Parent: No
Video tape: Yes

The Browning School
New York, NY 10065
League: NYCAL
Coach: Andrew West
Phone(C): N/A

Year of Graduation: 2019
Overall GPA: 3.66
SAT:  1410       ACT: --
Career Amb:  Business, Sports MGT, Physical Therapy
Honors Classes:  Yes
Info Verified:  Yes
Clearing Elig. pin #

Height: 5'06"       Weight: 156
Bench: 215           Squat: 310
Speed: N/A       
Add'l Sports:  Football, Basketball


2018 1st Team All League
2018 All League MVP
2018 Varsity MVP
2016 Varsity Letterman (Baseball) Freshman 2016 Varsity
Rookie of the Year (Baseball) - Freshman 2017 Varsity MVP (Baseball) - Sophomore 2017 Varsity All-League First Team (Baseball) - Sophomore
2017 ABO Crusaders RB Undefeated Season (Football) - Junior 2018 JV MVP (Basketball)

High School STATS:


2016 38.1 IP 20 H 27 BB 63 K 7 HBP 1.643 ERA 1.226 WHIP BAA .154
2017 27.1 IP 17 H 19 BB 41 K 1 HBP 3.37 ERA 1.33 WHIP BAA .179


2016 14 GP 49 PA 14 H 10 1B 4 2B 14 RBI 8 R 8 K 10 BB .378 BA .500 OBP 65.31 QAB% 13 SB 3 CS
2017 14 GP 53 PA 16 H 9 1B 7 2B 11 RBI 13 R 10 BB 7 K BA .444 OBP .585 QAB% 62.26 SB 11 CS 2 SLG .639 

SCOUTING REPORT:   Shazeb ("Z") is a 2019 graduate; he has a 3.66 GPA / 1410 SAT; he can play multiple positions OF/INF/P; and was selected 1st Team All-League. "Z" is the consummate student-athlete who excels in the classroom and on the baseball diamond. He brings many of the skills and attributes to be a college baseball prospect. "Z" At the plate:  he is very athletic, strong bat setup/ good rhythm with the hands/ early stride, good position to hit at touchdown/ good bat path, barrel stays in the zone, great plate coverage/ clean, efficient bat path with A+ bat speed/ uses the entire field well, centered and balanced approach/ good K zone discipline, sees baseball well/ balls jumps off of the barrel, good carry, and very good power. In the outfield he possesses a plus arm and has a very good glove. His speed allows him to track down fly balls in the gaps in the outfield and with an overhand throw "Z" keeps runners at bay who are thinking about advancing on a fly ball to him. He has a very high baseball IQ and his work ethic is 2nd to none. "Z" is the type of player who will give 110% and is always working on improving his skills. He also plays summer baseball in Dallas, TX. "Z" is a great kid who comes from a very supportive family. He is will an asset to any college coaches program. Get this student-athlete on your recruiting list for the 2019 recruiting class.