Jacob D. Bogacz      RHP             2017 

15715 25th Drive S.E.
Mill Creek, Wa. 98012
Phone: 425-275-1694
Birthday: 01/25/99
Cellphone: 425-327-1080
Single Parent: NO

Henry M. Jackson
Mill Creek, Wa. 98012
League: WESCO
Coach: Kirk Nicholson
Phone(C): 425-385-7012
E-mail: knicholson@everettsd.org
Video: Yes

Year of Graduation: 2017
Overall GPA: 3.0
SAT: 1,020 ACT: --
Career Amb: Undecided
Clearing pin# 

Height: 6'3"  Weight: 212
Bench: 225    Squat: 450
Speed: -- Vertical: --
Add'l sports: N/A

3-Years Varsity BaseballTeam
Summer Team:
Chaffey Baseball Club
Baseball Northwest:
TOP PROSPECT for Washington State
Class of 2017
23rd on that List as a RHP Pitcher
Under Armour Top Prospect

SCOUTING REPORT: Jacob is a 2017 graduate; he has a 3.0 GPA/1,020 SAT; he has been on the varsity baseball team for 3-years; he plays for the Chaffey Baseball Summer Club; he is a Top Prospect for Washington State; and is listed 23rd as a RH pitcher. He was also recognized by Under Armour as a Top Prospect. Jacob is the consummate student-athlete who excels in the classroom and on the diamond. Jacob has the physical attributes (6'3/212) and skills (86+ MPH fastball) to be a big-time pitcher at the collegiate level. As a junior, Jacob is quickly developing into one of the top RH pitchers in the Northwest. He is a young man that college baseball coaches will want to evaluate early. This outstanding RHP handed pitcher has so much potential and his upside is endless. He has solid fundamentals with his delivery and as he gets stronger and matures his velocity will increase from the current 86 mph range to the 90s. Jacob throws both a 2 & 4 seam baseball; a curve; and a slider. His ball has tremendous movement and his off speed junk is very precise. Jacob has done a great job of working on his spot placement and he uses his brain when he is on the mound. He is very effective at getting the ground balls hit for outs and keeps the ball down in the strike zone with that movement. Jacob is the type of player who will do anything in his power to outwork the next player. He will push himself harder than anyone and will outwork the other players. His work ethic is second to none. Jacob is a great teammate and is always encouraging his teammates. He has a very positive attitude and would be an asset to any college program.
COACHES: Get in touch with this student-athlete for your 2017 recruiting class needs.