About us.......
All recruiting companies today still use old technology. They use snail mail, email and even post the student-athlete’s information on a web site to communicate with college coaches. That’s ancient and out dated technology in today’s recruiting world.
That’s like using a rotary phone….it’ll work but is it really efficient?
We on the other hand use 21st century technology. I developed a recruiting mobile app that uses the smartphone application to connect directly with college coaches in real-time. My product creates a personalized mobile app for each student-athlete that includes their highlight tape and all their personal information. The app is then sent out by text directly to the college coach's smartphone; usually to 300-600 coaches. Right now, 98%of college coaches use and rely on a smartphone; through our technology we’re able to get more college coaches to evaluate a student-athlete than any other recruiting process.
We believe that if you’re looking to connect with college coaches, why not use 21st century technology. It is the most efficient and effective way of getting coaches attention. And that is what you’re most interested in. College coaches looking at your son or daughter's video.
Let us help your child today. Don't wait, time is your child's worst enemy.
Drew Sikorski
President & CEO