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Recruiting opportunity and the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is disrupting all of us either medically, financially or emotionally. Because of the uncertainty, things are not good right now. It is scary times and many experts believe it'll probably get worse before we see things level off and improve.

As a result of all this uncertainty, we have now started to see in the sports world, professional leagues and colleges/universities either suspend or cancel their spring season. The NBA, NHL and MLB have suspended their seasons till further notice. And it's just a matter of time till the NCAA cancels the March Madness tournament.

Many colleges and universities have told their students not to come back to the campus after spring break and stay home. In fact, both the IVY league and NESCAC league have canceled all their spring sports. I expect a lot more schools and leagues to suspend or cancel spring sports. It's just a matter of time.

I feel terrible for all the athletes who have trained and worked extremely hard for their season, only to have it canceled and for those seniors, never to get back what they lost. My heart goes out to those players and families. A person's health is worth more than playing a sporting game. 
Just today I learned that a professor at Union College was diagnosed with the virus and I believe Union College will cancel all it's spring sports. If that happens there is no doubt in my mind that the Liberty League (comprised of Bard College, RIT, RPI, Vassar College, St. Lawrence, Skidmore, Hobart, William Smith and Clarkson) will follow through and cancel the season for all it's team members. I have also noticed that many of the teams in the Centennial Conference (Johns Hopkins, Dickinson College, Haverford College, Swarthmore, Gettysbury, Muhlenberg, Ursinus, McDaniel College, Franklin & Marshall and Washington College) have postponed or canceled games till April. All of this will be a trickle down effect that will permeate across many more leagues and schools; so I expect a lot more schools to cancel games and even the spring season.

Because many schools around the country have told their students not to come back after spring break and do classwork online, I expect spring sports across the board to be suspended till April or even canceled completed. Once again, very upsetting and sad for all the players and families who were looking forward to the playing and watching their child this spring.


With adversity, sometimes brings opportunity for those that recognize it. With games being suspended or seasons canceled, college coaches are going to have to fill a void. There will be no practices, no games to play, no places to travel to, and very few distractions. This will create an anomaly for coaches and there will be a void in their daily routine; which means if you're a high school student-athlete (regardless what sport you play) there is an opportunity to showcase your talents, get in front of a lot of college coaches and get evaluated. Now is the time to DO IT!
I feel bad for those college players who lose out on their season but for any high school player who wants to get recruited, this is a once in a lifetime chance to exponentially increase their recruiting chances. Now is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Starting next Monday and continuing for the next several weeks I will be aggressively getting all my recruits out to college coaches with their updated information and highlight video. I'm also putting out an aggressive recommendation to any and all high school players (particularly 2021 graduates) not in my program who are looking for recruiting opportunities to be aggressive now and get your information and video out to a large universe of coaches. 

Now is the time to give a coach a really good reason to recruit you.This is an opportunity that I see. It's an opportunity I will take advantage for my recruits. 

If you feel this strategy is something you believe will benefit your son or daughter and you want my help, I'm accepting new recruits into my program right now. If on the other hand you want to go it alone, do it now and don't wait.

In conclusion, these are difficult and dangerous times. This is something as a country we have never seen or experienced before. But the one evident truth I know we will solve this problem and this will pass. I am 
100% certain. And for those high school players who looked at it as a recruiting opportunity they will benefit greatly.

Drew Sikorski
CEO & President

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75-400+ college coaches to contact
4. I will create your child's own personal student-athlete resume 

5. I will edit the videos (if needed)
I will contact college coaches directly NOT the student-athlete
7. I use EMAIL, SMARTPHONE (text) and phone calls
8. I will
update the profile & video as often as we need
9. I will
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What happens when a student-athlete enrolls in r4u program?

1. I email the Welcome Letter and Video tape instructions to the family

2. The student-athlete completes the profile information worksheet

3. I create a draft of the profile and email to family/student-athlete for review

4. I give the family the list of schools to review and approve (100-400 schools)

5. I receive a video (either finish or raw footage)

6. I import and upload the video to our online video streaming link

7. I write the scouting report

8. I send the final draft to the family for review and approval

9. I make all necessary changes and corrections

10. I then send it out directly to college coaches: 100-400 coaches

11. I meet 1-2 days after distribution to discuss our strategy

12. I stay with the family and student-athlete till they graduate from my program.