Since 2001, we have been helping student-athletes get recruited.

3 Questions to see if you need my help:

1. Does your child want to play athletics in college?

No: you don't need my help​ / Yes: you may need my help

2. Do they have any offers?

Yes: you don't need my help / No: you may need my help

3. Are you looking for some reruiting help?

No: you don't need my help / Yes: I can help you find recruiting opportunities

Why would you select me to help your son or daughter?
1. I've been helping student-athletes get recruited by college coaches since
2. I have relationships with college coaches all over the country 
3. 100% of the recruits I help get contacted by college coaches
4. I don't post recruits on my web site to compete against each other
5. I never bundle my recruits like many of my competitors
6. 91% of my recruits go onto play at the next level
7. I get college coaches to evaluate my recruits

When your son or daughter is in my program, what do you get?

1. I will
represent your child to college coaches till he or she goes to college
2. I will formulate a personalized strategy for your child and work
directly with the family
3. I will build a portfolio of
75-400+ college coaches to contact
4. I will create your child's own personal student-athlete resume 

5. I will edit the videos (if needed)
I will contact college coaches directly NOT the student-athlete
7. I use EMAIL, SMARTPHONE (text) and phone calls
8. I will
update the profile & video as often as we need
9. I will
contact college coaches as often as required
10. I will advise and recommend
11.  I will
weed out the lookers from the buyers. This will save you both time and money.
12. and finally,

What happens when a student-athlete enrolls in r4u program?

1. I email the Welcome Letter and Video tape instructions to the family

2. The student-athlete completes the profile information worksheet

3. I create a draft of the profile and email to family/student-athlete for review

4. I give the family the list of schools to review and approve (100-400 schools)

5. I receive a video (either finish or raw footage)

6. I import and upload the video to our online video streaming link

7. I write the scouting report

8. I send the final draft to the family for review and approval

9. I make all necessary changes and corrections

10. I then send it out directly to college coaches: 100-400 coaches

11. I meet 1-2 days after distribution to discuss our strategy

12. I stay with the family and student-athlete till they graduate from my program.